The Why Men Are Such Boys™ Series
Shakti Moon Publishing is creating a series of small (25~100 page / 5½ x 8½) mainstream-appeal books, predominantly for women, in a series entitled Why Men Are Such Boys™.

At this time, we have eleven titles planned, of which the ones listed below are available for pre-publication purchase, each at their respective price, including domestic shipping. The Women's Collective is already available for only $5 (incl. domestic shipping). 

Publication announcements and shipping will follow as the books become available. 

Soon also available from AMAZON,
however, only for domestic and 
with significant shipping penalty.
"I just now sat here and read the entire 25 pages and I am thrilled, stunned, challenged, beyond words.  To think a man wrote that, is first author!  Incredible. 
That's a wholly new picture of "equality".  
I can't thank you enough for putting this into my eye's reach.  It will take many readings to season.
(Marybeth Webster)

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For more information about these titles, since this is a work - lots of it, actually - in progress, 
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