From a Hidden Stream
The women's Collective
The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power
How to Survive a Pact With the Devil and Come Out Ahead
Dear Reader,

    This little booklet has been work-in-progress ever since the #METOO movement gained its momentum last October. It was in progress because we feel that #METOO has the chance to really lead to a global empowerment of women, an encouragement across the board and across racial, economic or other dividing lines to set boundaries. Woman is the boundary setter, biologically and otherwise, and She must be able to do that without fear of reprisal. The boundaries set by women may be what will save humanity, actually, it may be the only thing that will.
    Let there not be a slowing down, let alone a stopping of #METOO.  But, like any other threat to the patriarchal order of things, #METOO is target for many types of backlashes originating from many corners of society. And the development of pushback and repression is far from exhausted. The issues are urgent, and they are exactly what #METOO – How to Survive a Pact With the Devil  . . . is about. Please get this book (hardcopy or PDF) and please read it, really read it, give it away, spread the word. It does not claim to have all the answers by a long shot, but it points at the many different dangers to #METOO. lurking everywhere. This won’t make for comfy bedtime reading because to become aware of the imminent dangers to our society may make people feel like pulling the covers over their heads. 
     Among the subjects covered are

Meet "The Devil"     5
What's That "Pact With the Devil"?     7
The Dangers of Media-Dependent Success     9
The Plight of the Dominators     15
The Devil’s Double Hitter     27
     Why Does the Newsflash Shadow Matter? 
     Why Does the Corporate Kool-Aid Matter? 
The Double Abuse by Misogyny     32
Why Hollywood?    35
Complicity by Many Means     35
The Abusers and the Abuse System Builders     34
Hope for #TIME'S UP     39

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"I just now sat here and read the entire 25 pages and I am thrilled, stunned, challenged, beyond words.  To think a man wrote that, is first author!  Incredible. 
That's a wholly new picture of "equality". 
I can't thank you enough for putting this into my eye's reach.  It will take many readings to season.
(Marybeth Webster)
“Thanks for sharing your work in writing, Wolfgang. 
I have read it before and it especially helped guide my political thinking. 
Your assessment that it is the cause mentality that gets in our way of bringing the women collective together seems spot on to me, and your insight about bridging across this divide is something I consciously practice, but have not seen anyone write about so clearly.”
(Charlotte Hutt)

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